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  • Brand Name: Yernea
  • Chess Board size: 26cm x 26cm x 6.5cm
  • Chess pieces material: Resin
  • Chess Piece height: King:4.2cm Queen:3.8cm Bishop:4.1cm
  • Chess Piece height: Knight:3.4cm Rook:3.4cm Pawn:3.5cm
  • Product quality: High quality
  • Chess weight: 1.7Kg


The chessboard is a high-density board paste skin, the international chess pieces are polymer resin production.
Production process: After the pasted skin, polished, painted,  Handmade carefully produced.
It is a very good Gift.  Processes are done manually, fine workmanship, unique technology. It looks simple and elegant, painted decoration color colorful, lifelike.
Pure hand-made, retro-made products.
Artificial measurement, There is a certain error, please prevail in kind. Please buy carefully.
Because the reason is displayed, there are some different colors in actual products.

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